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Auto Lock Guitar Hanger

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AH-89 Musical Instrument Hanger Auto-lock Guitar Wall Mount Holder Hook for Acoustic Electric Guitars Basses Ukulele Violin

🎸Take care of your guitar, let them decorate your home✨

Get ready to rock out with the Auto Lock Guitar Hanger! This rocking tool is a gravity-activated, self-locking hook for your guitar. By placing your guitar on it, it automatically brings its neck arms up to secure your guitar in place. It also carefully releases the guitar in your hand when you take it!

This product not only protects your guitar from falling, it also makes extra room in your studio or home. Show your rocker cred by getting one for each of your guitar collection! It's both beautiful and functional at the same time!


  • Easy to use - no complicated setup process is needed to install!
  • Padded for protection - guaranteed to leave your guitar with no scratches or scrapes!
  • Practical - with your guitars on your wall, there's more room for you to jam around!
  • Compatible with any stringed instrument - bass, mandolin, and even ukeleles, too!
  • A perfect gift - for your budding musician friend, or even for yourself!


  • Model Number: AROMA AH-89
  • Plug Type: none
  • Type: Stand