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Cracked Glass Repair Fluid Set

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The Most Cost-Effective Car Windshield Repair

It can be very unsettling to have a rock suddenly fly up out of nowhere and chipping your windshield. But a costly new windshield or professional repair services could be a lot more frustrating. This is where the Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid comes in!

It prevents damage from spreading and restores your windshield to near-new condition. This repair fluid is a cost-effective way of solving what can sometimes be an expensive problem. It's easy to use and holds up well over an extended period of time.

Features :

  • FAST REPAIR: Quickly and easily make airtight repairs on almost every single windshield glass that is used in cars
  • DAMAGE CONTROL: Prevent cracks from spreading across your windshield
  • SAVE MONEY: Able to repair bulls-eye, spider web, star damages, and some combination breaks smaller than 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter on your own without paying for repair service
  • IMPROVED ROAD VISIBILITY: Smoothen all lumps and bumps so that drivers can enjoy a distraction-free windshield whilst driving
  • Repair all types of laminated windshields
  • Just squeeze it onto the cracked surface and remove any residue
  • The formula is non-toxic and has no harmful ingredients


  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Number of Pcs: 1pc
  • Specification/Piece: Other