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ECO-Friendly Laundry Ball

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1Pc Eco-Friendly Reusable Washing Ball Laundry Ball Magnetic Anion Molecules Cleaning Cleaner Magic Washing Home Accessories

Clean your clothes without chemical-filled detergents

Whether your washing machine is a top loader or a high-efficiency front loader, use Green Clean Eco Laundry Balls to get your wash clean without leaving residue behind. ONE OF THE BEST ECO-SAFE CLEANERS ON THE MARKET!

Compatible with any washing machine, Wash all kinds of clothes, Cheaper than detergents and bleach.Hypo-allergenic-great for sensitive skin.

Features :

  • Chemical&Toxin Free: Detergents from the grocery store are filled with countless chemicals. Take a look at the label on yours, you might see things like 1,4 Dioxane, Petroleum distillates & propylene glycol : Laundry Ball was carefully crafted from the start to exclusively use bio-ceramics naturally raise the pH level of water to disinfect your clothes.
  • Affordable: Detergent keeps you buying more every month. You will be stuck going back time & time again shelling out your hard earned money. Laundry Ball lasts 1000+ washes without any sort of refilling. Simply throw it in your laundry as a complete replacement for detergent.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin: You may not even realize the chemicals inside your detergent can irritate & agitate skin. Making you uncomfortable the entire day you are wearing your clothes. Laundry Ball organic properties ensure your skin will be free from the annoying agitation.
  • Preserves Your Clothes: Detergents & other chemicals solutions break down the colors & brightness of clothes. Leaving you with fading clothes & sending you back to the store to revamp your wardrobe. Laundry Ball “bio-ceramic” cleansing deep cleans & disinfects clothes without color & brightness loss. Making sure your clothes stay looking stunning & vibrant . And don’t worry. Laundry Ball will deep clean & disinfect for years to come (1000 washes) without any refilling.


  • Use: Cleaning
  • Model Number: YR122
  • Feature 1: boule lavage
  • Feature 2: kulki do prania
  • Feature 3: Wrinkle Releasing Dryer Balls
  • Feature 4: Home Accessories
  • Feature 5: Cheap
  • Feature 6: Reusable
  • Feature 7: Laundry Ball For Washing Machine
  • Feature 8: Washing Powder
  • Feature 10: For Washing Bras

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Sid Predovic

ECO-Friendly Laundry Ball