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Eyebrows Enhancer Rising Growth Serum Eyelash

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FEG Eyebrows Enhancer Rising Eyebrows Growth Serum Eyelash Growth Liquid Makeup Eyebrow Longer Thicker Cosmetics Make up Tools

  • Weight: 26g
  • Type: Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • Size: Full Size
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • NET WT: 3ML
  • Model Number: Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • Ingredient: herbal
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Brand Name: FEG
  • Benefit: Nutritious

Eyebrows are an important feature of the face because they give the face its shape and frame the facial features of eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. The eyebrows are one of the few facial features that can be shaped to enhance the beauty of the face.

Thinning brows can be caused by infection, skin conditions, hormonal changes, or an overactive immune system. Reduced brows can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, or emotional stress.

Why eyebrow hair fall? That’s why Brow Enhancement Serum features a high-performance Triple Peptide Complex technology to revitalize, thicken and strengthen eyebrows from the root to the tip on each stage of eyebrow growth.

Damaged Hair Follicles – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment OptionsMade with skin-safe, naturally sourced ingredients, our groundbreaking formula works to stimulate hair follicles by strengthening hair-producing cells and attracting new ones.


Triple Peptide: highly effective in hair growth, easily penetrates the hair follicle which prevents breakage by increasing moisture, thus making the brows thicker.

FEG Eyebrows Enhancer Rising Eyebrows Growth Serum Eyelash Growth Liquid Makeup Eyebrow Longer Thicker Cosmetics Make up Tools

Description :

FEG Eyebrow Enhancer is a 100% pure natural and botanical formula, it has no any drugs and side effect

but can take good care of eyebrow and make it busier, longer and more attractive!Therefore, it can solve the

eyebrow problem fundamentally with most effective and safe way! FEG Eyebrow Enhancer adopts the

advanced researching and producing technology. Meanwhile, with the world's leading Micro-molecule disposing

technology, a unique eyebrow growth factory --XX has been added in the formula,which truly fulfill the goal of

making eyebrow grow and bush naturally and healthily and put an end to the problem of other normal eyebrow

products maintain that the nutrition element can be hardly absorbed . fat granule be easily shaped; and sensitive

skin hardly adapted etc . FEG Eyebrow Enhancer is the only effective and healthy eyebrow growth products

approved by FDA

bottle fix to eyebrows six big difficult problem!

1. The sparse eyebrows

2. The eyebrows off

3. The bifurcate, fracture

4. Short eyebrows

5. Dry and dull

6. soft brows

Method of use:

From the base of eyebrows in the peripheral direction with the brush brush, evenly,

in the morning and once, achieve satisfied effect.

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Eyebrows Enhancer Rising Growth Serum Eyelash