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Fiberglass Quick Nail Extension

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10pcs Convenient Quick Dry Fiberglass Nail Extension Non-Woven Women Practical Building Silk Nail Stickers Manicure Accessories

It's time to get rid of easy-to-break hard acrylic nail extension!

Still having a manicure at the expensive nail salon? It's time to get rid of easy-to-break hard acrylic nail extension! Fiberglass Quick Nail Extension  is an n innovative way for making you the most natural-look, light and flexible nail art!

Fiberglass is a brand new tech that can change its form in just 1 minute, from ultra light, soft material to flawless extended nails by simple curing.

Since fiberglass is scratch-free, odorless and adjustable, it can stick closely to your natural nails, without causing lifting, popping off and catching at the nail fridge, like the common problems of making traditional acrylic nail extension.

Features :

  • Ultra Light & Natural
  • Unlike acrylic nail tips,it is more flexible and lighter than acrylic. It will not affect you to do housework and you even do not feel it exists.
  • Customized Nail Shapes
  • Free to trim for any nail extension length & shape like round, almond, square and more. Extend up to 8 cm!
  • Easy to Apply
  • No nail form or acrylic nail tip is required. Just trim, apply and cure to have perfect nail extension without going to expensive nail salon!
  • Durable and Scratch-free
  • Not easy to break or scratch as soak off UV gel.
  • Crystal Clear Style
  • Clear color with full coverage is easy to further apply your favorite nail polish.
  • Long Lasting
  • Up to 30 days with proper nail care.
  • Professional Nail Repair
  • Strengthens weak, thin nails and repairs broken nails.
  • Safe to Use
  • 100% Non-toxic, odorless and harmless to the nail bed and skin.
  • Recommend to use with Fiber Builder Gel for the best result.

How To Use :

  • Trim the fiberglass to your desired length/ size.
  • Apply base coat. Before the base coat dries, put fiberglass on nail surface and cure.
  • Apply fiber builder gel and cure for 1-2 mins to strengthen the extension.
  • (Optional) Cut the extended nails if necessary.
  • (Optional) Technical sanding to make it more natural and smooth.
  • (Optional) Apply top coat which leaves the nail always shiny and more durable.