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Headlight Cleaning Polish

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Car Headlight Restoration Kit Polish Headlamp Brightener DIY For Auto Head Lamp Lenses Deep Clean Head Light Paste

Prevent yourself from road accidents with a bright and clean headlights

Dirty headlights can severely impact your visibility to other drivers and your own view of the road as well. Dirty headlights can reduce their light output by up to 95% and their projection distance up to 90% - not safe! Furthermore, having them cleaned with water and soap serves just as temporary protection. Restore your dull headlights with the Headlight Cleaning Polish and say hello to brand-new looking, crystal-clear headlights that last!

Headlight Cleaning Polish is a cleaner that is specially formulated for headlights. It creates a superhydrophobic glass coating that acts as a barrier from future wear and debris over the surface of the headlight. It effectively removes haze and corrosion from the lenses for a prolonged period of time. It protects your headlights from aging, fading, weather, sunlight erosion, and acid rain. It effectively restores the light output and clarity from headlights, protects them from scratches, and adds long-lasting UV protection.

Features :

  • Effectively eliminates light scratches from headlights and prevents yellowing, blurring, and oxidation.
  • Easy to use, providing high transparency and strong adhesion.
  • Drastically extends the service life of any headlight.
  • Super-hydrophobic glass coating creates a barrier over the surface of the headlight, protecting it from aging, fading, weather, sunlight erosion, acid rain, etc.
  • Instantly restores the light output and beam pattern of existing headlights.


  • Item Weight: 1.0kg
  • Special Features: polishing
  • Item Width: 9.5cm
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Model Name: Headlight Repair kit
  • Item Diameter: 6.0cm
  • Item Height: 6.0cm
  • Item Length: 19.5cm
  • Material Type: Liquid
  • Item Volume: as shown
  • Item Type: Gloss Seal for Car Paints
  • Item Weight: 240g
  • Special Features: DIY Headlight Restoration Tool
  • Item Width: 0.0inch
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Model Name: Car Headlight Repair Kit
  • Item Type: Grinding Polishing Paste & Liquid