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Natural Herbal Mite Exterminating Pad

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Dust Mites Kill Natural Herbal Mites Killer Exterminating Pad Killing Worms Anti-mite Pad Cushion Home Mite Control Powder 40P

Never live with allergies-causing bed bugs & mites again!!

Kill 99% bed bugs instantly with Instant Mite Killer. No more runny nose, itchy eyes or scalp! Powerful formula that baits & kills disgusting mites up to 6 months! All-Natural ingredients that is scent-free & stain-free, 100% safe for you, your kids & pets!

Features :

  • Instant Killing Formula : Baits with specific natural scent, traps & dries & kills bed bugs and their eggs instantly upon contact.
  • Kills 98.9% Bugs : Works on 98.9% of bed bugs, dust mites, spider mites, russet mites, powder mildew, aphids, fleas & mold spores.
  • Health Improvements : Say goodbye to allergies caused by mites e.g. runny nose, itchy eyes/scalp/skin, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and more!
  • Long-Lasting - Stays effective up to 6 months, unlike traditional pesticides that only work temporarily.
  • Safe & Natural - Unlike typical pesticides, MiteGone™ uses 100% natural ingredients that is safe for kids, pets and beds. No harsh chemicals.
  • Works while you sleep - Enjoy your sleep while the scent free & stain free mite-killer works its magic. Never disturbs you, your kids or pets
  • Natural Herbal Mite Exterminating Pad: Mite Exterminating Pad