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Stylish Anti-Fatigue Magnetic Bracelet

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Achieve A Sense Of Well-being In Style!

With its sleek and elegan tlook . no one would have guessed that this Stylish Anti-Fatigue Magnetic Bracelet is designed to provide therapeutic benefits . like increased energy and well-being!

Stylish Anti-Fatigue Magnetic Bracelet is made with 316L stainless steel which is mostly used in medicine. It is highly resistant to decay . can withstand high temperature and has high hardness. The surface will not change due to the environment and it can maintain gloss and smoothness for long-term wear.

Features :

  • IMPROVED SLEEP: It can improve neurasthenia . insomnia . relax nerves with significant curative effect . shorten sleep time . increase deep sleep time . and improve sleep quality.
  • WRIST PAIN RELIEF: It helps to strengthen the blood circulation of the wrist and effectively relieves muscle fatigue.
  • IMPROVED BALANCE: Beneficial to improve the balance function of the human body and enhance the coordination ability of the limbs.
  • IMPROVED STRENGTH: Helps strengthen blood circulation in the body . effectively reduce muscle fatigue . increase the transmission of human energy . improve physical strength . improve endurance and concentration.
  • IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Helps increase the transmission of human body capacity and improve physical strength.


  • Type: Magnetic Toe Ring
  • NET WT: 0.030
  • Model Number: 299217
  • Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
  • Feature1: Magnetic Hematite Bracelet
  • Feature2: Weight Loss Bracelet
  • Feature3: Charm Bracelets
  • Feature4: Hematite Bangle