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Whale Electric Vibration Beauty Board

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Electric Face Massager LED Microcurrent Vibration Massage Scraping Lifting Board Face Apparatus Beauty Corrector Thin

It only takes 5 minutes at a time, get a better skin!

Whale Electric Vibration Beauty Board is the hottest beauty product right now! It can comprehensively improve the skin's luster and elasticity, smooth skin tension and fatigue, and deeply introduce essence nutrition into the muscles' bottom repair.

It can provide max. 12500 high-frequency vibrations per minute, combined with the warm red light function, the curved 314 stainless steel design, completely clings to each corner of the skin, can improve skin metabolism, reduce wrinkles, relaxation, edema or uneven color problems.


  • High-Frequency Vibration
  • Designed for maximum to 125000 vibration per/min. In order to provide user best massage time, we adopt a fitful vibration mode.
  • 45°C Red LED Light
  • Improve elasticity by delivering heat energy into the skin with high frequency and red LEDs
  • Lifting Firm & Restore Elasticity
  • Skin resurfacing, muscle extraction instrument, soothing face condition. Inspire facial energy, make your face younger and restore elasticity. Reduce Wrinkle and pale lines.
  • Portable
  • Small and exquisite shape, more convenient to use, portable, USB charging
  • Easy To Operate
  • One-click operation makes beauty more casual, letting female charm bloom at any time
  • Function:
  • Red light: warm massage mode, 12,000 vibration per minute, about 45 degrees of thermal temperature.
  • Blue light: massage vibration mode, 8500 vibrations per minute, to help skin care better and faster absorption.
  • How To Use:
  • Apply skin care products to face.
  • Select the suitable mode according to personal need.
  • Press the acupuncture points to relieve muscle tension.
  • Seamlessly fit facial skin, scrub and face from the bottom to up, shape your face solidly.