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Milling Cutter for Manicure Rubber Silicone Stones

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Milling Cutter for Manicure Rubber Silicone Stones Nail Drill Bit Machine Manicure Accessories Nail Buffer Polisher Grinder Tool

Suitable for manicure as well as pedicure, and can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails.
Made of high quality material, which is installed on the machine, very durable to use.
Effective to remove dead skin and calluses, very practical to use.
Ideal for nail art and other handcrafts.

  • Size: 3/32 Inch
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Model Number: Feecy 4T
  • Rubber Silicone Nail Drill Bit: cutter for manicure
  • Nail Drill Apparatus for Manicure: Cuticle Clean Bit
  • Manicure Machine Drill For Nail Art: Milling Cutters for Manicure
  • Nail Art Drill Machine For Nail Drilling: Elecric Machine Pedicure Accessory
  • Pedicure cutters for manicure: Cuticle Burr Nail Tools
  • Apparatus for manicure machine: Milling Cutters For Pedicure
  • Manicure Files: Machine Electric Nail Grinder
  • Eletric Pedicure Machine Equipment: Nail Drill Milling
  • milling cutter for manicure: Electric Manicure Drill
  • Cuticle Remove Tools: all for manicure
  • manicure machine: milling cutters
  • Cuticle Cutter for Manicure: apart for manicure
  • pedicure 3/32": Milling Burr Grinder
  • machine for manicure and pedicure: electric manicure drill