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Ultimate Metal Polish Paste

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Ultimate Metal Polish Cream Stainless Steel Ceramic Watch Polishing Paste


From vehicles to boats, and even inside your home, there are many items which require to be polished to bring out the best of them. All-purpose Metal Polish is safe for sterling silver, silverware, aluminum, brass, chrome, platinum, copper, gold, stainless steel, pewter, and more!

Just a small amount on a soft cloth goes a long way. It produces a brilliant reflective luster and leaves an invisible protective coating to ensure a long-lasting shine. Our Metal Polish is an all-purpose cleaner for every type of metal. Bring back their natural elegance and show them off without spending too much. Not only does it clean and shine metals, it’s exclusive cleaning formula dissolves tarnish and grime instantly, and its tarnish guard leaves a protective coating to prevent future tarnish and dulling with no buffing necessary.

Use this liquid cleaner to bring out the natural beauty of your pans, silverware, toaster, and faucets. Let your trumpet or trombone glow among all the other instruments in the orchestra. Give your ride an outstanding new look by shining its rims.

Features :

  • Restores and polishes to a brilliant finish.
  • Protects against corrosion and tarnishing.
  • For car, motor bike, boat and home use.
  • Non-toxic and ammonia free
  • Item Form: gel
  • Specification/Piece: 250ml